Market Analysis

Generously funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce, Cosmo completed an analysis of the bio-chemical marketplace with emphasis on market opportunities in the Northwest US for C5/C6 sugars, bio-products from red liquor evaporator condensate.  Highlights include:

  • In accordance with national public policy goals regarding fuel security, greenhouse gas emissions, and controlling plastic waste, as well as demand-pull from corporate brands, the market for bio-chemicals is growing very rapidly.
  • Preference for non-GMO, non-food renewables with chain of custody certification is pushing the bio-products market towards cellulosic-based bio-chemicals.
  • Cosmo can be cost competitive because of pre-treatment, powerhouse, effluent treatment assets in place, as well as very low feedstock costs.
  • Cosmo’s ability to produce significant and scalable cellulosic sugar tonnage positions the company for downstream bio-plastics opportunities.
  • Cosmo’s proximity to the closest US port to China, and geographic distance from possible competitors also enhances the company’s competitive position in bio-product markets.