Cosmo and Truth Announce Strategic Supply Agreement for Lignosulfonate Bio-products

March 23, 2017 - Strategic partnership captures long-term lignosulfonate market view

Cosmo Specialty Fibers, Inc. (Cosmo) and Truth Chemical LLC (Truth) are excited to announce today a strategic agreement which will mutually ensure lignosulfonate supply collaboration between the two organizations.

The agreement includes lignosulfonate products, as well as the potential to improve into intermediate and secondary chemicals in the future.

Cosmo is committed to working with Truth to extend Truth’s sales and marketing and augment their customer base. As part of the deal, Truth will leverage their logistics network and work to deliver more efficient supply chain solutions and enhanced customer service to incumbent Cosmo clients.

The agreement will enable the integration of Cosmo product into potential new markets. Truth will invest in facility improvements to a local Grays Harbor logistics supplier, assist in training for these new capabilities, and will provide a partnership approach to key clients and markets.

It also reflects, and will help develop identify investments on Cosmo’s lignosulfonate product – particularly in key markets where lignosulfonate has experienced growth in recent years, including concrete admixtures, fertilizers, and animal feed.

Mike Entz, CEO of Cosmo, said: “We look forward to this new partnership with Truth and I’m very excited about the growth opportunity it presents for Cosmo in the lignosulfonate market.”

Joe Newcomb, Chairman of Truth, said: “It's rare to find two companies that have so much in common.”  

About Cosmo

Cosmo Specialty Fibers, Inc. is a world class dissolving wood pulp (DWP) mill with a wide range of High Purity Cellulose (“HPC”) softwood- based products, highly flexible magnesium-based acid sulfite production technology that has a capacity of producing 150,000 tons annually. Cosmo is strategically located in Cosmopolis, WA with an abundant local hemlock supply and preferred marine access to Asian markets. The mill employees over 196 team members and proudly supports the local area vendors and community.

About Truth

Truth Chemical is an innovative leader in chemical marketing, trading, distribution, and logistics. The key to their success is the continuous development of long term, win-win partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Truth Chemical features an extensive portfolio of chemicals,and specialty products. They supply a diverse range of products across a variety of Market Segments, i.e., Agriculture, Chemical Plants, Dust Control, Oilfield, Gypsum, Power Plants, Brick Manufacturers, Refineries and niche needs. Transportation is provided via rail, barge, truck, and LTL.

Truth continuously develops synergies with their clients and partners to create mutual value for all. They have exclusive distribution agreements with various partners to market products around the world.

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