Central National-Gottesman Inc.

Founded in 1886, Central National-Gottesman Inc. (CNG) is one of the largest privately held pulp, paper, packaging and tissue companies in the world, with revenue exceeding $7 billion in annual sales. Their financial strength and global market coverage, combined with long-standing supplier and customer relationships, makes CNG unique in the pulp and paper industry and allows them to service a broad range of customers.

Each office within the Central National-Gottesman organization works closely with the Purchase, New York headquarters to meet responsibilities to suppliers and customers, both domestically and internationally. No other organization is equipped to offer similar assurances of prompt, careful and sophisticated service in every important world market.

CNG’s worldwide network of sales offices serving Cosmo includes New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Mexico, Buenos Aires and Vienna.


Warren Pullen, SVP - Global Pulp Group
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